Siliphos® overview

Siliphos® Bioavailable silybin

The most advanced liver health support.

The fruit of the milk thistle (Silybum marianum, Family Asteraceae) contains complex flavonoids and the plant has been used for centuries to address liver health(1-2). Silymarin, the active ingredient of the plant, is a mixture of at least seven flavolignans and one flavonoid.
The most abundant and potent costituents in silymarin are two diastereoisomeric compounds (silybin A and silybin B) known as silybin (also called silibinin).

Unfortunately, silymarin, and even more silybin, have a poor intestinal absorption, that limits their benefits.

To overcome and optimize the poor bioavailability of silybin, Indena has formulated it with non-GMO phospholipids exploiting the Phytosome® technology.